1. Vehicle is prepped, primed and blocked – Our technicians will begin the refinishing process by applying a primer. A surface filler is sprayed on to ensure a quality, uniform and smooth surface. Block sanding is the method of further preparing your vehicle for paint.

2. Paint is matched for your vehicle – We use computerized paint matching to factory match your vehicle’s paint.

3. Vehicle is readied for the paint booth – To ensure that the highest quality of standards is met, we carefully mask your vehicle to protect it from overspray during the refinishing process. Only the area that needs to be refinished is left uncovered. We then place your vehicle in a ‘downdraft paint booth’ – which is a sealed room that allows for paint to be applied in a clean environment, reducing the chance of any dust or dirt particles adhering to your vehicle’s finish.

4. Vehicle undergoes a multi-step refinishing process – Most of today’s vehicles are painted with what is known as a basecoat/clearcoat refinish system. We only use refinish products that meet or exceed the original manufacturers’ specifications and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

After completing the above steps, We can then move on to Reassembly and Extras…

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